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Welcome to the Auspicion guild website. We are a horde guild based on the server Scilla-US. This site is still under construction so please excuse the mess!



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Gear to-be-envied for Auspicion Dedicated

ConstantlyAuspicious, Jul 18, 11 10:01 PM.
Nearly everyone has expressed interest in raiding with Julz, Dart, Bal & Tiger.
That's a good thing, yet as the proverb goes, "talk is one thing, action is another entirely."
Everyone wants the best gear, this is universal. But getting that gear is out of reach for most guildies, not just with our guild, but Warcraft-wide. It's time consuming, it takes studying- learning from mistakes and used to be costly as well (THANK YOU free guild repair!) Here is something that is coming in the weeks and months ahead:

"A RaidCrew".  Just a group of ten dedicated people focusing on predetermined guild calendar raid dates. Have no hurt feelings on selection, because that's just part of the success quotient. Jul and Dart both have extensive experience with gearing their characters and know many raid fight mechanics. It's a dance of fight technique and balance of classes of hand-picked people who can put in their time and work as a team. Have questions? ask Dart, Jul, Bal or Tiger.

What 'Auspicion' Is

ConstantlyAuspicious, Jun 17, 11 4:00 PM.
The "Auspicion Guild" is a team, a council, a family-of-sorts and . . . a refuge.
I put refuge because Auspicion was started as a living friends list. We needed good people around us because there were so many negative encounters with everyday players on our server. These people weren't 'elitist, they were just morons with something to prove. (watch TradeChat for just 10 minutes) The need for a good guild is huge, everyone wants to be a part of something growing, evolving, and have a shared cause to believe in. PUGs serve their purpose, but if you can tap into your own guild for the talent needed for the dungeon, the raid, the PvP event, how cool is that? As Tyreanna, Dominatrix & Mirikil found out as recently as yesterday, we can depend on each other, but even using the random dungeon finder for just 2 simple DPS slots, that can be the chemistry of a fail group. They carried both random DPS's and it took nearly twice as long. As any undergeared guildie (and we've ALL been there) can attest, being amongst Auspicion guildies is a rewarding experience because there is patience and a family-critique of gear, spell-rotations and dungeon strategies. We get to really know each other an rely on their abilities. (who wants to devote fifteen minutes of care & guidance to a complete PUG stranger??) Each Officer has an eye on GuildChat to safeguard against abusive / disrespecting talk and we've filtered out some bad eggs before they ever got the G-invite they were after. If you have any thoughts on making Auspicion even better, please contact an Officer.

See you online!

Guild Site!

acogstealth, Jun 11, 11 5:30 PM.
Hello everyone!

I have decided to make a guild website and took it upon myself to edit and design it. Keep a look out for more news on the site and updates. Please register as a member on the site if you are part of the wonderful guild that is Auspicion.


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